Martyna Miller i Katarzyna Wojtczak (Domie), Returning to the real fun/play, 2019, three-channel video, 18’11’’.
Courtesy of the artists. 

The Return of the Real Entertainment, a three-channel video installation, was produced last year for the exhibition The Whole of Poland at BWA Wrocław and shown at the Gdańsk Municipal Gallery and at Domie. Recapitulating the early years of working at the space at 53a Święty Marcin Street, the film’s main protagonist is the building itself, its unrelenting materiality confronted by the project participants: artists, students, artist-in-residence, members of the newly founded Association. We follow the daily life of this space, attempts to renovate it, inhabit it, transform it into an artwork. It is a journey into architecture and its realities, law and its organization, and into the life of a community emerging in relation to them, based on other, more obsequious structures.

text: courtesy of the artists

written by Martyna Miller, Katarzyna Wojtczak

structure by Martyna Miller, Katarzyna Wojtczak

edited by Martyna Miller

music by Martyna Miller, Katarzyna Wojtczak, archival materials

animations by Kaja Szałankiewicz

3D model by Błażej Fryca

3D model detailing, visualization, direction, and animation by Katarzyna Wojtczak

GoogleView road film by Katarzyna Wojtczak

drone footage by Błażej Fryca, Zachar Sherstobitov

drone footage directed by Martyna Miller

archival materials: Jasmina Metwaly, Dawid Misiorny, Martyna Miller, Katarzyna Wojtczak

DOMIE is a communal-artistic-architectural-economic collective-care experiment focused around a ten-year-plan to reclaim a building in downtown Poznań that due to various acts of negligence has been falling into ruin since 1988.

The project’s founders have undertaken the overhaul without any funds of their own, diluting responsibility between various formal and informal entities. In this context, a discourse goes on with the city, the space’s users, and the community that the building has spawned.

DOMIE is 400 square metres of floor space devoted to artistic experiments: studios, exhibition rooms, sound rooms, leisure areas, residential spaces. The building is freely and constantly transformed, becoming an artistic medium and inviting site-specific practices. Those involved in the project consider the refurbishment a form of art, seeking to stretch the category of “capital.” DOMIE is an inclusive space, operating at interfaces and committed to giving a voice to groups underrepresented in public space. It is open to anyone who shares the ideas of openness, regardless of their cultural capital, background, ethnicity, gender, age, or other factors.

DOMIE is a place that requires care, a difficult and terrible place, but one that responds to a sense of uprootedness, chronic nomadism, home crisis, or artistic poverty. Domesticity and property have been exhausted. Now the time has come for post-inhabitation, zombie communities, labile dwellings.

The project was initiated by Martyna Miller and Katarzyna Wojtczak who keep developing it with the DOMIE community.