Adelina Cimochowicz

(b. 1992, lives in Warsaw and Szczecin) studied Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Architectural and Spatial Planning at the Bialystok University of Technology. She combines practice in the field of visual arts with a keen interest in their social dimension.

To the Mountains, to the Meadows, to the Forest, 2021, ceramics, audio recording, 9’43’’, courtesy of the artist

An installation comprising ceramic forms and an audio recording of a folk song performed by the band Ziemski Lament. Filled with a black liquid, the vessels refer to the topos of the well, a source of legends about evil forces, but they can also be seen as a symbol of drawing life-giving water. Sung at mourning ceremonies in the eastern province of Podlasie, the religious tone of the lyrics of the Song of the Complaining Souls has been transformed by the artist’s intervention, receiving a natural context by having been redirected towards Mother Earth.

[based on text by Weronika Elertowska,]


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