Diana Lelonek

(b. 1988, lives in Warsaw) is a visual artist and environmental activist. She earned her D.A. from the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznań. She is interested in relationships between humans and other species; many of her projects are meant as a critical response to environmental issues.

Nightingale Concert (Luscinia luscinia), 2019, sound artwork in public space, courtesy of the artist

The recording is of a thrush nightingale singing at the “Patelnia” plaza in downtown Warsaw, next to the entrance of the Centrum tube station. Although nightingales seldom live in human habitats, this has chosen one of Warsaw’s busiest spots for its dwelling place. The birds performs its concerto during the day and at night, its whistles and trills audible despite the noise of a modern metropolis. Lelonek’s project allows us to stop for a moment in the daily rush and become enchanted with an experience of nature.


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