Justyna Górowska

(b. 1988, lives in Kraków), earned her MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and her DFA at the University of Arts in Poznań. She is an interdisciplinary artist, working with performance, photography, video, sculpture, site-specific installation as well as virtual and augmented reality. Her practice combines a committed eco-feminist message with the aesthetics of corporate social media and technoscience. The element of water is especially close to her. The personal avatar of WetMeWild created by her is a hybrid of Slavic fairies, mermaids, and cyborgs of the future.

The work documents a performance in which the artist forcibly presses bullet shells against her skin, violating her own bodily boundaries. Her pose alludes to images of mythical mermaids, and the traces left on her body are similar to fish scales. Through this short performance, the power of a symbol of military violence is weakened without a fight.

Fish Scale, 2018, video, 36’’, courtesy of the artist


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