Pamela Bożek

(b. 1991, lives in Warsaw) is a visual artist and human rights activist, feminist, founder of collective projects involving refugees. Graduate and DFA student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Her practice frequently involves working with local communities and ethnic minorities in Poland.

Not All Gold, 2017, photography and object, courtesy of the artist The work comprises a photograph – the artist’s self-portrait with her son, in A3 format – and an object, a plaster cast taken off a child’s leg, painted gold. In the picture, Bożek, wrapped up in a thermal blanket, sits in a Marian pose with her son on her lap, expressing a parent’s concerned and caring attitude with a sick child. Coping with physical disability in public space is the work’s underlying theme. Diverting attention from disease with a gesture alluding to Christian iconography, Bożek seeks to free herself from the curious and compassionate gazes of the passers-by.


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