Dominika Kulczyńska

(born 1989, lives in Wrocław) is a graduate of the AFA School of Photography in Wrocław of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where she majored in ceramics. She is a multimedia artist working at the junction of art and design, mainly with ceramics and textiles. Co-founder of the Zakwas Studio Social Cooperative, where she develops ceramic and textile projects, solo and with others, recycles plastics, and runs educational workshops. Her practice is guided by the principles of environmental responsibility and social involvement

Unfired, 2021, porcelain turned on a potter’s wheel, glass, courtesy of the artist

The work is a cooperation with black bread mould (Rhizopus nigricans), Aspergillus glaucus, and common pinmould (Mucor mucedo).

Photo: Alicja Kielan / Jerzy Wypych, archive of BWA Wrocław

Unfired are porcelain forms that have not been subjected to the final stage of the process, i.e. firing. Their raw, impermanent form is the final trace of the work of human hands. The objects are further transformed in reaction to the atmosphere and the action of fungi “planted” in the clay by the artist. Presently lacking practical function, the Unburned forms are prototypes of the design of a future that has already arrived but is being ignored. The intervention in the porcelain production process shows that environmental adaptability and a low carbon footprint will be the desired characteristics. Classic aesthetics and material durability, in turn, are an unnecessary ballast of human culture. A symbol of the future and survival can be found in the kingdom of fungi. Fungi have the ability not only to digest all organic matter (including human remnants), but also to adapt to various conditions.


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