Olia Fedorova

(b. 1994, lives in Graz) is a visual artist, graduate of the Kharkiv State Academy of Fine Arts. She practices conceptual art, combining performance, photography, video, and text in her work. A resident of Kharkiv before the war, she is currently based in Graz. Her work frequently tackles the theme of man’s relationship with the environment as well as exploring emotions related to “home,” boundaries, and territorial belonging.

Life under the Russian bombs documents the life of Fedorova herself, her partner, and her neighbours in the basement of the house where they lived when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Concern over the wellbeing of oneself and one’s loved ones meets here with scenes of everyday life underground: the division of roles and duties, the established, repetitive rhythm of the day, the checking of news from the front lines.

Life under the Russian bombs, 2022, film, 27’54”, courtesy of the artist

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