Patrycja Wilczek-Sterna & Irina Zhyla

Patrycja Wilczek-Sterna holds a degree in painting from the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Zielona Góra, where she currently teaches a class devoted to alternative forms of education. She also teaches workshops in collaboration with institutions and organizations. Wilczek-Sterna pursues an interdisciplinary practice, combining painting and photography with multimedia and handicraft.

Irina Zhyla is a visual artist with a BFA from the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Zielona Góra. She works with new media: film, performance, photography, and is also an author of installations.

Release It, 2022, performative action, courtesy of the artists

Wilczek-Sterna and Zhyla relate to the experience of the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine as a time when we are overloaded with anxieties, anger, and other unfamiliar emotions. They return to the original need to function in a community: to revitalize relationships through the tradition of women’s meetings where the participants supported each other in everyday activities, cooking, sewing, embroidering. The Biennale’s participants, of any age, can meet at the table and together with the artists produce their own series of small objects made of wood, fabric, and thread.


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