Rory Pilgrim

(b. 1988, lives in the village of Ee, the Netherlands) studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and attended the de Ateliers educational program in Amsterdam. He composes music, writes songs, makes films, drawings, and performances. His activities are inspired by early feminist and queer movements, socially-engaged art, as well as contemporary youth activism and cyberculture. His works often develop as a result of group workshops and discussions. He is interested in creating community experiences based on mutual respect, care, intergenerational dialogue, and attention to minorities.

The film was made in cooperation with a group of young people involved in climate activism, living in the city of Boise in the US state of Idaho. The scenery of their meetings are the interconnected environments of a sanctuary (community home) and the surrounding nature, which also needs protection. The camera accompanies the search for a safe space, closeness, and hope for the future of a generation threatened with a lack of prospects related to the climate catastrophe. Its sensitivity brings to our shared world a chance, if not for human survival, then at least to change our present, toxic relationship with Earth. This transformation begins with the awareness that the individual is part of a complex ecosystem where all elements interact with each other. This is why the condition of the climate is closely related to social and economic justice, mental health, and the equality of women and minorities.

Undercurrent, since 2019, HD movie, 50’, courtesy of the artist and andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam

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