Tamás Kaszás

(born 1976, lives in Horány on the island of Szentendrei) is a graduate of the Intermedia Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. He collaborated with Anikó Loránt as ex-artists’ collective (2002–2020). Kaszás creates installations, drawings, photographs, videos, texts and objects, which he considers as “visual aids” for the development of holistic imagination and ecological awareness. In his projects, Kaszás materializes ideas about the future that may come after the collapse of capitalism and the industrial exploitation of earthly resources. He seeks answers to the unknown in knowledge that already exists, but is marginalized, perceived in technocapitalism as anachronistic and unprofitable. His sources of inspiration include grassroots, anarchist social movements, permaculture, endangered folk and indigenous cultures, as well as ecosophy. He also draws on the functionalistic, egalitarian heritage of modernism. In his art, formal, productive, and ideological solutions are closely related. Kaszás usually uses readily available, cheap materials, and also recycles waste.

Sci-Fi Agit-Prop, since 2016, rhizography, courtesy of the artist
Black Flags I-III, 2022, acrylic canvas, courtesy of the artist

The works are devoted to the notions of the development of social struggles in connection with the deterioration of living conditions on Earth. The artist uses the aesthetics of activist and socialist propaganda messages to create “visual aids” in adaptation to the future. His scenarios take into account the mobilization of creative, grassroots interpersonal cooperation for the socialization of earthly resources and remedial actions. At the same time, they express awareness of the further escalation of violence and exploitation in the struggle for survival.


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