Zuza Golińska

(b. 1990, lives in Warsaw) is a visual artist, author of objects, performances, and installations. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, majoring in Spatial Practices. Being interested in how public space and architecture affect the individual, Golińska’s works explore the Modernist links of contemporary structures, both in terms of architecture and the very thinking about the future of the world.

Suns, 2019, recycled steel, powder paint, courtesy of the artist and Piktogram Gallery, Warsaw

Suns are scrap-metal artworks produced in collaboration with Gdańsk Shipyard workmen. The artist refers to the double meaning of the sun: as a life-giving source of light, but also to the threats posed by it in the inevitable climate catastrophe. The works’ steel forms bring to mind pagan totems of solar deities, evoking the sun as one the main forces creating life on earth.


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